Saturday, April 26, 2008

baseball’s greatest moment?

it was 1976 — our country’s bicentennial year — and over 40,000 baseball fans saw rick monday risk his career by grabbing what could easily have been a roaring fireball to rescue the American flag doused in lighter fluid by a couple of jerks on the field.  at first you only heard it in isolated pockets around the stadium but soon sweeping through the stands like The Wave would later do, Americans stood up and sang “God Bless America” — not prompted by the stadium organist but fueled by love of country and her symbol.  i love this vid.  definately a poose gimple moment. 

alt :

maybe this IS the greatest moment in baseball history i’m not sure.  but what i do know is that it’s definately another testiment to what makes our country so great.  and what makes those who hate her reviled.  and go dodgers!
h/t Hot Air

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