Thursday, September 11, 2008

not afraid

maybe some have been able to move away from that day abit, but i haven’t. 

it’s been 7 years since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and i still feel a certain kind of anxiety each year as this date approaches.  i have an intensity about what happened, a righteous anger against the kind of religious ideology that says it’s ok to come in and kill us all in the name of god.

the events of that day solidified something in me and millions and millions of other americans:

we are not afraid.  we continue to live our lives the best way we know how. we work, we play, we laugh, we live. we don’t waste one moment, nor sacrifice one bit of our beloved freedom, because of fear.

we are not afraid.

oh, and in the middle of all of our living, we are hunting down the ones who did this to us all over the world and either killing them (my preference) or bringing them to certain justice.

translation?  “i will not submit”.  we have prevailed.  let freedom ring.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

so let’s give it to him

“Yes, this is what I wish, to be a martyr for a long time,” 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed declared today during his arraignment at Gitmo.  “I will, God willing, have this, by you.”

they cherish death.  their entire existence revolves around worshipping death, plotting death and pining away for a “glorious” death.

so execute him and his buddies and be done with it.  give him what he wants.  and remember, martyrs receive 72 virgins when they die for allah… 


little do they know the virgins all look (and sound) like helen thomas.

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