Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ok so caption it!

in honor of jesse jackson’s offer of free castration to obama, i have found the perfect picture to caption… be creative and have fun!

by the way, our last contest was alot of fun with really great captions for the “obama and spaceship.”  the winners are: 

 1st place – Bikerdan with “The obamessiah breaths a sigh of relief as the mothership hovers nearby transmitting his every word!”   

2nd place – Bill in TX with  “Afraid a destroyer ray would consume them all if they didn’t, the entire crowd of fanatical moonbats bowed down and worshipped the obamessiah!”  and

3rd place – Brenda with  “Scotty, pleeeeeease beam him up”

Congratulations winners!!

h/t blonde sagacity

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throwing the left under the bus

since his immaculate conception, bloggers have openly mocked the obamessiah for throwing everything and everyone under his short bus — and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it of course. 

this morning as i was reading to catch up on overnight news, i came across this interesting article.  it seems there is yet another victim — his own anti-war left — set aside in obama’s race to the center for your vote.

check out this key excerpt:

“Not so long ago, Barack Obama was the darling of the anti-war Left. On a host of national security issues –Iraq, Iran, government surveillance of terrorists – Obama preached a friendly gospel and was worshipped turn as a political “messiah.” The liberal grassroots, sensing a kindred spirit in the Illinois Senator, rewarded him with the Democratic nomination. Nothing could come between Obama and his base.

Now something has. In a word: reality. As he courts the national electorate, Obama can ill-afford to sing from the same activist hymnal that propelled him, ever so narrowly, past Hillary Clinton. So it is that to the hair-pulling dismay of his supporters, Obama is leaving the Left – for the moment, at least.”

just another blunt example of mr. “hope and change.”  from flip flops galore to playing a victim to now a quasi-agreement with the president on iraq!  a truly fitting name because he hopes for your vote so he will change any which way he needs to go get it.   bah!

now if we could just get him to throw the hags of code pink under the bus….

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