Monday, May 19, 2008

barry didn’t you know? politics is a contact sport

we are in for a long hot summer of temper tantrums from the obama’s. 

this weekend the Tennessee GOP released a light-hearted video holding michelle obama accountable for scripted remarks she made on two separate occasions on the campaign trail on behalf of her husband presidential race.  

and well the obama’s are crying again and want the big mean Tennessee GOP to stop it!  their “conversation” with GMA’s  Robin Roberts insisting that michelle’s comments not be used as political fodder are laughable. 

then don’t send her out on the campaign trail to make bitter public statements as your chief surrogate senator!  barack obama called the Tennessee GOP “low-class” and “unacceptable” for doing the video.   i don’t think so at all but you be the judge:

alt :

barack obama is an inexperienced, un-vetted, far-left Liberal candidate for president on the cusp of receiving the democrats’ nomination.  his words and his record – and the words and records of his surrogates on the campaign trail – will, and should, receive scrutiny. 

he and his supporter’s constant whine because of criticism and dissent is more then just a bit annoying, it’s INCREDULOUS coming from someone who says he can stand up to Iran and North Korea.

for gosh sakes, MAN UP barack and michelle.

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6 Responses to “barry didn’t you know? politics is a contact sport”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh crap. These 2 act like cry babies and like they are made of sugar or something. “Leave my wife alone?” then tell her to shut her pie hole. I mean he sends her out to speak for him and his policies and his potential presidency. We have the right to criticize. I mean that video wasn’t even that bad. I’ve seen alot worse directed at republicans and conservatives. Good point Zoey about Iran and North Korea.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am already sick to death of these 2 weenies. They think its bad now what until the 524 ads start. And Michelle is so foul and miserable who wants a First Lady like that? I can’t believe how unhappy she always seems. She needs therapy.

  3. I guess the Democrats didn’t get the memo about family being hands off. Otherwise they’d stop beating up Cindy McCain for her tax returns.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These 2 do not seem to have the toughness or thick skin-ness to be able to go through a serious campaign. They are always getting their feelings hurt. Rush Limbaugh has an interesting piece on his website about the things we are not “allowed” to challenge obama on… I guess his wife is now added to the list. You should check it out.
    Chuck S.
    Boydton, Ohio

  5. Anonymous says:

    How could any American not be proud of her country the day and days after 9/11?
    Shame on you Michelle!
    I have been proud of my country since I was a child. I have never been so proud that it brought me to tears, when i saw this whole country band together on those days afterwards. Not only the financial help, but the blood, sweat and tears that were shed for years afterwards.
    Double shame on you Michelle!
    And to think you “MAY” be First Lady, ohhh just makes me sick!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m sick of these people! Shame on the democrats for putting these idiots out front and risking our country at their hands! These Obamas are scary people and will drive out country ever closer toward Socialism. We better rally behind McCain. He’s bad but not this bad.